Hello, I’m Kacey from SparklesRainbowsandUnicorns.com

I am a Mom to be, to a little boy the Lord has blessed me with and a wife to the most amazing man.

I studied Equine Business at a huge college campus… like literally it had it’s own zip code and took about an hour to walk from one side to the other. I’ve spent years of of hard work at many different horse farms, taking care of horses, training horses and teaching people the fundamentals of riding and working with horses. I eventually started my own horse  business in my early twenties, it was my creative outlet. However I put the business on hold when I realized the physical location I was at, was not a place where I could do much growing.

Since childhood I’ve always been interested in using my creativity. I remember making shows and home videos with my parents camcorder, drawing pictures of all kinds of animals, learning to paint with my great grandmother, making power point slideshows with family pictures or pictures I found on the internet, writing my own stories as well as harry potter fan fictions… he he he, and writing my own songs.

In 2014 during which I had my horse business, I started a couple YouTube Channels. One was with my friend Teresa. We created goofy spoof videos.  The other channel I had was about …can you guess?… horses.

My friend Teresa is a professional videographer and during that time she taught me a lot about staging, lighting, camera angles, framing, distances, focus, as well as all aspects of video editing. It was a great experience but our videos didn’t really go anywhere. We continued for the next year until I moved farther away because honestly we were having a good time, it was a lot of fun.


When I First Tried Blogging

Beginning of 2017  I tried starting a couple blogs, it was a wonderful time but also a tough time in my life. I had just gotten married to the man of my dreams but I was going through a tough situation, where I had a falling out with some good friends I had been trying to help.

It led me into having to file for bankruptcy and life felt very uncertain. I wasn’t able to have a job during the bankruptcy and I felt a strain forming on my marriage.

On top of that the year before up until this point, I had hardly seen my other friends, let alone my own my family. I had distanced myself from them gradually, without really realizing it. This caused me to fall into depression, to the point I could sit and do nothing for hours. A horrible feeling that envelopes you and makes you feel like you can’t do anything. My husband did the best he could to try to keep my spirits up but it was like a black cloud was hanging over my head.

I wanted something to do while being at home so often and alone most of the time. I got the idea to start a couple blogs and started writing posts but I never really got to monetizing. One blog was about overcoming depression and making life better. I did this thinking maybe this might help me or someone else. The other blog was of course…  a horse blog.

I continued to post sporadically  on my blogs as I had motivation, up until finally almost a year later my bankruptcy was completed and I felt I could start fresh. It was definitely a load off my shoulders. I really had to put my trust in God to get me through all the unknown.

I soon got a full time job as a Barn Manager at a Therapeutic Riding Farm, where I have been working for almost a year now. That job really made a difference. Today I feel so much better and I am happy to say I am not depressed. I have to contribute that to a number of things, God giving me hope and guiding me to my valley, my husband being so supportive, my job giving me something to do, my baby giving me something to look forward to, the bankruptcy being over and my birds which I haven’t yet mentioned. My birds gave me companionship when I felt lonely, while my husband was working or away.

Why Blogging?

Now there’s a new plan with the baby coming along.  My husband and I decided that I am going to be a stay at home mom. Which I feel a little nervous about because of my depression when I wasn’t working. Of course my situation is a little different now but I was not happy before when I didn’t have a job. So this time I will have a baby to take care of, the bankruptcy is not hanging over my head, and I have committed to a blog plan that I will see out.

I want to blog for a number of reasons because I need a way to express my creativity and I want to feel productive, be accountable for myself, do something I am passionate about. I want to help other people’s lives get better and I want my life to get better and to grow from this blog. I want to share my experience and knowledge. I want to make friends.

I am in a different place… a much better place in my life and I want to keep moving in that direction. On top of all those reasons I want to support our family’s finances. I do not like the feeling of not contributing where it is all up to my husband to keep us a float and financially healthy.


Where Do I See Myself in 5 Years with My Blog

In case you decide to follow along with my blog journey why don’t I share with you a few of my goals for over the next 5 years.

  • I hope to be more affluent with my writing and have the ability to write killer posts that really make a difference in people’s lives whether in big or small ways.
  • I hope to be making a full time income that can support my family so we are not struggling on just my husbands income.
  • I hope to have a tribe of people who I can relate to and get to know.
  • I would like to start fulfilling my horse dream of competing up the levels in eventing with my own horse.
  • I would like to have another baby or two to build on to our family.
  • I would like my relationship with my hubby Shawn to grow more loving, compassionate and strong.
  • I would like to continue to grow in my relationship with Jesus.

So check up to see where I am at with my goals. I invite you to join me on this journey to create a joyful family centered in faith. Don’t forget the horses.




The Christian Wifey, Mama Bear and Horse Obsessed Lifestyle Blogger.