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  My name is Kacey Cleary. 

I want to empower and inspire joy into the lives of woman and their families!

For “joy is our strength” according to Nehemiah 8:10

 Posting Schedule Update

I just wanted to update my posting schedule. I am being induced to have my little baby boy on Monday Dec 3rd… so nervous and excited!

Now that this is all becoming more real to me. I am realizing it is not realistic at this time to post every week.

Right now my goal is to just do something for my blog everyday. Even if it is something really small, to keep this blog baby moving along. I will try to post new content every other week, but not on a set day. 

That is all for now! Wish me luck or better yet prayers are appreciated!

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The Awesome Baby Bump Binder... Coming Soon

It has been months in the working.
I have put my heart into creating this cute and useful ULTIMATE PREGNANCY BINDER!

I put this binder together with YOU in mind!
Pregnancy can be OVERWHELMING with so much to do, plan and remember.
This Binder will keep you on track and on top of your pregnancy!

I have to say it has been a lot of fun making it and I am so close to being finished!

You can get a glimpse at what is to come with my FREE 47 PAGE WEEKLY PREGNANCY JOURNAL.
That is just a small beta sample of what is included in the binder.